't Water Voorbij

This videoclip was created for my final 2nd year project. In this project we were entirely free to do what we wanted to do. I started studying the history of the 'smartlap', a typical local music genre. The goal was to write my own smartlap. Although the final product isn't a typical 'smartlap', it does follow the rules of the smartlap. Through my study of the history of the 'smartlap' I found that the 'smartlap' has a broader range than we would think at first. Because time was on my side I also decided to create a video for the soundtrack.

The song is about a young man who sings about his despair after his girlfriend decided to end her struggle. The song is entirely in Dutch.

The videoclip is downloadable |here}} (MPEG 1 512×288 approx. 87MB)

The music was written by Maarten van der Bijl and myself. Very special thanks to Matthew Groen for his assistance in directing the project.