These are projects I've worked on or am working on. Usually these products are not made by myself but are made with a group of people. Credits to all the people I've worked with to produce these products.

More recent projects can be found at the website of Stichting

The Respons(e)ible Project

bodycount.jpg A theatrical research to responsibility in the virtual world

Broekpolder Orakel

offerpoel.jpg Online digital art project for the Broekpolder, a new housing development near Beverwijk and Heemskerk

Virtools StereoFrustum

Stereo frustum plugin for Virtools

Virtools NetSync Manager

NetSync Manager for Virtools

't Water Voorbij

st_twv-02.jpg Videoclip based on the 'smartlap'.

InputAnalyser version 2.0!!!

Live sound input analysis plugin for Virtools 2.1

TAKT - Music performance

t_start.jpg Realtime Visualisation theater performance

De Emmer, Het Water en de Waarheid

t-front01.jpg A short film experiment by “Koud uit de Koelkast Smeerbaar”

Intentio Luminis re-touched

st-il5.jpg Intentio Luminis re-touched and shown on the Holland Animation Film Festival 2002


st_1.jpg An animation made at the academy autumn 2002

Het Hijgend Hert ©2002 Jan Samsom

t_hijgendhert-03.jpg Digital visualisation of designs by Jan Samsom

Empty-eyes ©2002 Jan Samsom

t_radioshot.jpg Digital visualisation of scupltures by Jan Samsom

Digital Dance

6-140x105.jpg An animation made at the academy autumn 2000


9-140x105.jpg An animation made at the academy spring 2000


1-140x105.jpg A visual story made at the academy winter 2000


I started this little project since I couldn't find an easy package to connect a Linux system with MxStream ADSL back in 2000. Since I liked the RPM package system I created an RPM which makes it easy for anyone to make a pptp connection and to maintain the connection.

The project is completely obsolete but can be found here.