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09-04-08... online

Made the switch, damn IE sucks, people'd better use gecko….

01-04-08... Almost there

Fixed latest bugs, getting close

31-03-08... dokuwiki backend

Migrated content to dokuwiki backend, almost ready to switch 8-O

14-03-04... New server

Finally no more bad sysadmins with their lousy servers. I moved to new fast server which is more reliable than all the others, I hope. At least I know I can trust the sysadmin, since that's me =)

04-04-03... lots of updates

The server hosting this site has lots of problems. Apparently the dish connection used has a new building which is in the way. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  • Added more projects

Didn't update the news page for a while, not that anyone reads it anyway :)

02-02-'02... Updated and added project

Updated the page, removed some broken links added some links. Added the Empty Eyes project.

31-08-'01... Changed to backup server

The server which is hosting this site was down because lightning struck one of the radio dishes used for the connection. I moved the site temporarily to my home connection which is just an ADSL connection.

15-04-'01... Style sheets added

After being busy on other projects I've started working on this site again. I've converted the site so I can use stylesheets and templates.

02-02-'01... Changed table rendering

Apparently Netscape renders tables slightly different than Internet Explorer. In Netscape I couldn't get rid off the light and dark borders. I fixed this so now it should look similar in both browsers.

14-01-'01... First version online

This weekend I uploaded the first buggy version. I tried to keep it as small as possible (in byte size I mean) so it won't take so long to display. It isn't finished at all yet, but it's a start. Now I only need to push myself to finish this site.