Intentio Luminis 2002

Because we were never very happy with the fact that the original Intentio Luminis was done in so little time that we never got the quality we wanted. So we completely redid the animation. This time in DVD quality. While we were doing this, the animation was selected for the Holland Animation Film Festival which was held from 13 till 17 November 2002 in Utrecht. So again we had a deadline to meet.

Summary of the animation: You are introduced to an underwater scene. A lightbeam awakes 2 creatures lying on the bottom of the seafloor. Out of curiosity they swim along the lightbeam to the surface. The most enthousiastic creature jumps out of the water and continous to fly towards the light. The other stays behind but joins the other when he comes back to get him. Together they fly towards the light until one of them gets a bit too close.

In this story shimmer a few philosphical theme's as well as the mythological story of Icarus.

The animation is a available for download in MPEG 1 512×288 format. (about. 50 MB)