SteamOS unravel

SteamOS was released last night and I thought I'll take a look at the installer. I was amazed how very Debian this is. Great! Let's look under the hood of the installer before installing…

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2013/12/14 13:11

Setting up your IDE for Puredata

Getting my way into programming some externals for Puredata the first thing I needed to do is setting up an IDE. These are my instructions for Eclipse and Codeblocks.

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2013/10/15 12:22

Pure SystemD base system

With all the fuzz around SystemD I'm wondering if we could build a core consisting of solely SystemD and essential requirements. As mosr current fuzz is in the Debian community I will try to build a pure SystemD Debian based bare install.

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2014/12/10 14:56

Poor man's Dropbox using incrond and unison

Like the title says. I don't like to put my files in a Dropbox. As I have server running I can use that as the central point for syncing files between my machines. So let's build the Dropbox functionality using some opensource lego.

Actually I've found that incrond doesn't meet my requirements. I've suggested a small shell script which does.

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2014/12/03 17:08

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2013/06/09 22:45

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